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About Kaltoro

Freelance Writer


Kaltoro is a freelance cryptocurrency writer and researcher in the blockchain industry. 

Kaltoro focuses on delivering engaging, original content to a variety of audiences.

He is currently the Lead Content Writer for FomoHunt and Titan Ventures.

Services Offered


  • Wallet Setup/Bitcoin 101
  • Articles
  • Editorials
  • Reviews
  • Podcast Editing
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Press Releases
  • Meme Design
  • Whitepaper Editing 
  • Cryptocurrency News
  • Etc.

Why Kaltoro?


Kaltoro has been actively involved in cryptocurrencies since 2014 after deciding that spending post-tax dollars on a new, speculative digital asset was a good idea.

Since then he has authored multiple articles and reviews, edited podcasts, and acted as an adviser for several projects related to Bitcoin.

During this time he has maintained a healthy relationship with other cryptocurrency influencers on Twitter and within the industry.

Current and past partnerships include:


Crypto 101 Podcast

Evolvement Podcast

Daily Chain News

New to Bitcoin?

Additional Information

Getting into Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies can be an intimidating and potentially frightful process. There is an abundance of misinformation on the web from sources that may try to mislead or scam you outright.

For this reason I have crowd sourced the most popular questions and criticisms surrounding Bitcoin and provided long-form answers in plain, conversational English. 

This is a live document and being updated as more questions come in. Questions and feedback can be entered as comments on the document directly.

Click HERE for a live version.

I am also offering services to Bitcoin newcomers i.e. wallet setup, setting up a Coinbase account, receiving/sending crypto, asset management, etc. for $100.

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Scan this with the Artivive App for some meme fun

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